Jahnke Thermal PULS

Accelerates your heart – Convinces your eyes

Jahnke Thermal PULS

Accelerates your heart – Convinces your eyes

Jahnke Thermal PULS

Technical premium class

Stronger contrast, more image sharpness and higher imaging resolution – our thermal imaging camera Jahnke Thermal PULS provides with its image quality for beating hearts and astonished eyes. Available with silencer function, softlens and memory expansion. Compared to the Jahnke Thermal II, the calibration time has once again been significantly reduced. With the Jahnke Thermal PULS, this averages just 285 milliseconds – up to 7 times faster than conventional thermal cameras – so you keep an eye on the game at all times.

Compare for yourself!

Jahnke Thermal PULS delivers even more detailed images


silencer function




memory expansion up to 512GB


Fast charging cable


Fast calibration time

(285 milliseconds)

up to 7x faster than conventional thermal cameras.

Jahnke Thermal PULS – makes every pulse beat faster

A powerful VOx (vanadium oxide) detector, minimal calibration time, a high-resolution 1,280 x 960 HD display, a 35 mm germanium objective lens – the Jahnke Thermal PULS combines multiple technical highlights in a single, extremely powerful instrument.

Wir freuen uns, wenn Sie sich für ein Jahnke Thermal PULS entscheiden.

Technical specifications

Under these tabs you will find all relevant details about the technical specifications of the Jahnke Thermal PULS, such as battery life, the resolution of the integrated HD display and also the water protection class.


A VOx thermal imaging device (VOx stands for: Vanadium Oxide) uses vanadium. This raw material is much rarer and therefore more expensive than the silicon often used in other thermal devices. Vanadium oxide has a better thermal conductivity than a thermal imaging device using silicon.

Detector: VOx 400×300 @17μm
Resolution detector: 400 x 300 pixels
Pixel density detector: 17 µm
Spectral range: 8μm~14μm

Details zum Detektor wären hier hilfreich. Ich denke hier an ein Bild mit dem VOx ggü. einem Bild zum Vergleich mit einer herkömmlichen ASi-Materialien wie Silizium, was in anderen Thermalgeräten eingesetzt wird.


Color palettes: White Hot, Black Hot, Iron Red, Red Hot, Blue Hot
Special scene modes: Enhanced, Highlight, Natural
Picture-in-picture mode: Picture-in-picture (PiP), enlarged image is displayed optionally: top-left, top-center or top-right
Display resolution: 1280×960px, 0.4 inch, LCOS display
Frame rate/refresh rate: 50Hz
Digital zoom: 1X~4X (Smooth zoom)

Optical system

Focus: Manual focus
Ocular: Monocular, Exit pupil≥10mm, Adjustable diopter-4~+2
Magnification of eyepiece: 13.8
Thermal image sensor: NETD (noise equivalent temperature difference = thermal sensitivity) ≤50mk @F1.0
Lens focal length: 35mm/F1.2

Field of view, camera field of view: 11.1° × 8.3°.
Magnification: 2.3 – 9.2

Detection range human (standard size 1.80mx0.50m): 1.000m
Detection range vehicle (standard size 2.30mx2.30m): 2.400m
detection range human (standard size 1.80mx0.50m): 500m
detection range vehicle (standard size 2.30mx2,30m): 1.000m

Ports and adapters

Charging Adapter: Standard USB Power Adapter 5VDC, Max. 10W
Connector: USB Type C (USB 2.0 standard), for power-in / file transfers
WiFi support: WiFi, real-time video transmission
Video output: Micro HDMI connector

Memory and battery

Long term active

Memory card: 16GB SD memory card (optionally expandable up to 512GB).
Battery type: Internal Li-Ion battery (2×18650, 6,000mAh)
Battery life: ≥ 5h

Weight, dimensions and temperature range

Weight: 485 g
Dimensions: 192 mm × 65 mm × 71 mm
Operating temperature: -10℃~50℃
Storage temperature: -30℃~60℃

Package content

  • thermal scope
  • power adapter
  • USB cable
  • Micro HDMI cable
  • lens cover
  • wrist strap
  • quick manual.

Protection level and certificates

Protection level water: IP66
Protection level free fall: 1m drop test
Battery certificate: UN 38.3
Other certificates: RoHS, CE, FCC, PCT

Protection level water IP66

The IP code is defined according to IEC 529, EN 60529, DIN VDE 0470-1 and NF C 20-010 and designates the degree of protection against foreign bodies and contact and water of housings and covers. In the case of protection class IP66, this designates a product that fully protects the electronics or equipment against dust (IP66) and heavy splash water (IP66).

One thermal imaging camera – many possible uses

Have you spotted all six animals?

You are certainly skilled at spotting game. You can probably find all the animals in your hunting area without assistance. With the Jahnke Thermal PULS, it’s more accurate – and faster.

The Thermal Supplies

As an innovation driver, we are constantly optimizing every component of our devices, constantly rethinking them and consistently developing them further.

The additional options Silencer, Softlens and memory expansion can also be retrofitted to your Jahnke Thermal. Just contact us.

Silencer function

It is a sound that is hardly noticeable under normal conditions – in the field, however, the clicking of the calibration process of a thermal imaging camera can break through the silence and become a recurring source of disturbance. This is a problem for which we were the first manufacturer to implement an optimal solution: The Silencer function reduces calibration noise to a barely perceptible minimum.

Optionally available for:+ 99,- Euro

Memory expansion

Due to the memory expansion, wildlife observations can be documented even more intensively. Instead of the standard 16 GB, expansion to a maximum of 512 GB is possible.

Optionally available for:

64 GB: + 99,- Euro | 128 GB: + 199,- Euro | 256 GB: + 299,- Euro | 512 GB: + 399,- Euro

Fast charging cable

Extends the life of your battery

As with any rechargeable battery, the capacity of the integrated power storage unit of a thermal imaging camera also decreases over time. To extend the service life and at the same time optimize the charging management, we have a specific fast charging cable manufactured that regulates the charging process and reduces the charging time by up to 30%.


Convenient focus adjustment – At low temperatures – during autumn or winter hunting – handling is simplified because the Softlens function makes focusing noticeably easier.

Optionally available for: + 35,- Euro

Carrying strap

For more comfort: with the optional carrying strap you have the Jahnke Thermal PULS at hand at all times.

Optionally available for: + 35,- Euro


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