High-quality light – already with the 25mm lens. Even higher quality at 48/58mm!


lightweight construction

30% weight saving by using magnesium



all DJ-8 are “made in Germany”


image intensifier tube

optimized manufactured by brand manufacturer Photonis


auto gating

high quality of view due to fast switching on and off in case of strong light incidence (spotlight, muzzle flash etc.)



Rubberized focusing ring



perfect manageability due to slim, reduced design


image quality

infrared corrected high-contrast image

The eye is a perfect creation

Therefore it deserves the best support

It is our philosophy to develop the most powerful night vision devices. A claim that has produced generations of devices that repeatedly set new standards in the market. A success that constantly challenges us to surpass ourselves.

We consistently think every single detail of every single component of the DJ-8 series further and develop night vision devices that put everything else in the shade.

550 – 597 gr.


19 cm

Lenght of the device

High performance optics

image mark amplifier from Photonis

The Eyepiece

Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke is the first manufacturer to produce civilian night vision devices with so-called distance eyepieces. An interpupillary distance of 6 – 8 cm not only produces a more comfortable image, but also reduces fogging of the eyepiece. In addition, distance oculars are essential for use as a system solution to prevent injury to the eye from recoil during firing.

For the DJ-8, the eyepiece has been significantly enhanced once again – so it has an additional significant increase in magnification while maintaining the same image quality.

The image intensifier tube

The image intensifier tube is the heart of every night vision device. We use only brand-new image intensifier tubes from Photonis, which are matched to our requirements and guarantee the highest resolution. Furthermore, these image intensifiers have an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and a high IR sensitivity with an enormous lifetime. Almost all of the DJ-8 series night vision devices produced in our factories are still in operation today. The DJ-8s demonstrate sophisticated technology in perfection.

The Lens

Also concerning the lens, Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke takes an exceptional position. We are the only civilian manufacturer who has special lenses made of magnesium produced for him.

The lenses used in the DJ-8 are characterized by a very high light quality and are IR corrected. This means that the infrared light, which is particularly important for night vision equipment and is present at night, is not “swallowed up” by the lens, but is instead fed to the image intensifier tube. This produces a particularly clear and high-contrast image. Thanks to the use of magnesium, the Jahnke DJ-8 devices are simultaneously characterized by an ultra-light overall weight.

The DJ-8 with green imaging

The DJ-8 with monochrome imaging


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