Nacht­sicht­­technik Jahnke

The specialist for night vision

Nacht­sicht­­technik Jahnke

The specialist for night vision

Who we are

Jahnke is The German epitome of night vision technology. Fascinated by technical perfection, with a passion for hunting, driven by our own standards – for over 30 years now. We combine many years of experience with constantly new, innovative development approaches. Our devices are perfect precision – in every single gram.

Made in Germany.
Born in Allershausen.

Because we don’t just promise our “Made in Germany” quality label, but actually live it, every single one of our night vision devices is painstakingly handcrafted in our factory in Allershausen, Bavaria.


After years of research and development, we have achieved great things: we manufacture the best civilian night vision devices on the market. However, standing still is a foreign word to us. That is why we are already working on tomorrow’s night vision technology in Allershausen.


Hunting at night – seeing as if by day. In order to meet our own requirements, we test every device under a wide range of viewing and lighting conditions at our test facility, thus ensuring that the highest quality is constantly maintained.


We focus on absolute precision. In the development – and also in the manufacturing of our products. Every single night vision device is assembled by hand from dozens of components. In addition to technical perfection, we rely on a proven quality assurance concept at every step of assembly: the sure instinct and extremely trained eye of our employees.


There are decisive details that make the difference between ordinary night vision devices and developments from Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke. To train your eye for these differences, we offer our customers the ideal conditions for tests and personal consultations in our night vision technology competence center in Allershausen and in our newly opened flagship store in Berlin.


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