Thermal Image Device

Thermal Statement

Once again, Jahnke night vision technology surprises the market with a thermal camera that puts everything that has gone before in the price-performance segment in the shade.

Experience the new Jahnke Thermal Statement in noble carbon optics with applications in 24 carat real gold and completely new software for a technically brilliantly sophisticated viewing experience. It impresses with a powerful VOx detector with 640×480 px with a pixel pitch of 12µm, a NETD value of ≤ 30 mK, a 35 mm germanium lens with an F value of 1.0 and display on a high-resolution 1,280 x 960 HD display.

Thermal PULS

The further development of the Thermal II brings many innovative new features and improvements.

  • Stronger contrast
  • More image sharpness
  • Higher imaging depth

Our new thermal imaging camera Jahnke Thermal PULS provides with its image quality for beating hearts and astonished eyes. Of course also available with the Silencer function, Softlens and memory expansion. The average calibration time has once again been significantly reduced compared to the Jahnke Thermal II. With the Jahnke Thermal PULS, this averages just 285 milliseconds – so you never miss a moment and keep an eye on the game at all times.


Thermal II Silencer

The best-selling Thermal II now works even better:

  • Additional Silencer function available for quiet operation
  • Excellent depth of field
  • Also available with Softlens on request

Our thermal imaging camera Jahnke Thermal II is the ideal hunting companion, so that you no longer miss anything in your hunting area. In its class, the thermal imager has a very fast calibration time. Of course also available with the Silencer function, Softlens and memory expansion.


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