Press release

We, Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke, very much regret the current conflict situation in Ukraine and hope for an early return to diplomacy.

Since we have repeatedly received concerned calls from our customers in recent days regarding the delivery and warranty security of their equipment, we would like to take this opportunity to make this point very clear:

We, Nachtsichttechnik Jahnke, manufacture our night vision devices exclusively in our own factory in Germany. Neither our night vision devices nor our thermal imaging devices contain components from Eastern European countries. We guarantee all spare parts and repair services. Furthermore, there will be no delivery delays for any of our customers.

Our entire production is absolutely independent of current political events – you can rely on us.

North Rhine-Westphalia prohibits the use of thermal imaging Clip-Ons and digital attachments and Clip-Ons

Meanwhile, thermal imagers have proven ideal for spotting and night vision devices for use with primary optics. A combination of these two techniques thus represents the ideal equipment.

Night vision technology Jahnke – our range of products and services

Thermal PULS

The upper class in thermal imaging

The further development of the Thermal II brings many innovative new features and improvements.

  • Stronger contrast
  • More image sharpness
  • Higher imaging depth

Our new thermal imaging camera Jahnke Thermal PULS provides with its image quality for beating hearts and astonished eyes. Of course also available with the Silencer function, Softlens and memory expansion. The average calibration time has once again been significantly reduced compared to the Jahnke Thermal II. With the Jahnke Thermal PULS, this averages just 285 milliseconds – so you never miss a moment and keep an eye on the game at all times.

Clip On Night Vision Device